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'VS10x Comments Extender' - Overview

VS10x Comments Extender is a Visual Studio extension built with the goal of making code commenting more useful from both a documenting and a productivity standpoint. By using a simple comment prefix system, you can change the default formatting of a comment by affecting its foreground color, font size and style. It works with C#, VB, C++ and F# documents.

'VS10x Comments Extender' - Details

Let's start with a brief example of what VS10x Comments Extender can help you achieve:


How does it work? Well, when you start a comment with // (C#, C++, F#) or ' (VB), you can add some extra characters (minimum one, maximum three) in order to define how this comment will look like. VS10x Comments Extender will interpret these prefixes and format the comment accordingly. Here are the possible combinations:

In C#/C++/F# In VB Meaning Formatting
//+ '+ Large size Normal text color, large size
//++ '++ Extra large zie Normal text color, extra large size
//- '- Small size Normal text color, small size
//-- '-- Extra small size Normal text color, extra small size
//! '! Important comment Red text color
//!+ '!+ Important comment, large Red text color, large size
//!++ '!++ Important comment, extra large Red text color, extra large size
//? '? Question Magenta text color
//?+ '?+ Question, large Magenta text color, large size
//?++ '?++ Question, extra large Magenta text color, extra large size
//x 'x Removed code Light gray color, strikethrough


Let's have a look at two comment styles (i.e. "removed code" and "important") - notice the strikethrough font style and grayed-out color used to visually isolate removed code, and the red color used to emphasize an important comment:


Additionally, a "question" style is available (actually, you can use any different meaning according to your needs) that stands out by using a magenta foreground color:


And this obviously is not all of it. You can affect the size - currently, two large sizes (large and extra large) are implemented; see the below "Column" comment text in extra large size:

'VS10x Comments Extender' - Options

VS10x Comments Extender can be customized in terms of colors, font size and enabled/disabled state for each comment style.

Color customization can be performed in the Visual Studio "Fonts and Colors" options page (look for items starting with "Comment, "):

Font size for large and extra large styles, as well as enabled/disabled state can be set by opening the "VS10x Comments Extender - Options" dialog box from the VS10x menu entry on the main menubar.

  • Click below for a direct download from the Visual Studio Gallery:
  • File: AxTools.VS10X.XComments.vsix on Visual Studio Gallery