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'VS10x Editor View Enhancer' - Overview

VS10x Editor View Enhancer is a Visual Studio extension whose goal is to add new visual features to the built-in code editor. It currently supports type and member definitions emphasizing, end-of-block details, clickable hotspots (C# and VB documents).

'VS10x Editor View Enhancer' - Details

Here's how the code editor normally looks like - yes, I know you know, but it's easier this way to see what goes in:

And now, here's how it looks like with the VS10x Editor View Enhancer extension:

Pretty simple, but equally effective.

Type names are by default displayed with red foreground color and in bold, while method/property names are by default displayed with red foreground color. Type and member definitions lines get a semi-transparent distinctive image added to the left side. It's not shown here, but single-line property definitions don't get the red foreground, as that would have been a visual overkill probably since these single-line property definitions usually come in packs :-)

And all these can be customized - if you want, you can even get extreme (for details on customization please go to next paragraph):

'VS10x Editor View Enhancer' - Options

You can customize the way definitions lines are emphasized. You can control color, bold, italic, font size, font face and whether the distinctive image should be displayed or not.

The Options dialog box can be accessed from the VS10x menu popup which can be found on the main menu.

  • Click below for a direct download from the Visual Studio Gallery:
  • File: AxTools.VS10X.EditorViewEnhancer.vsix on Visual Studio Gallery