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  • Works with Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010 and Visual Studio .NET 2008-2002
  • Supported languages include C#, VB, C++
  • Navigation tools: code and designer explorers, find text with match highlighting etc
  • Coding tools: automated code typing, code generation, code formatting, sort procedures
  • Analysis and QA tools: code analysis, strings review, WinForms designer analyzer and helpers
  • Code editor enhancers, standards enforcing tools, code sharing tools and many more!

CodeSMART for VB6

  • Works with Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic 5.0
  • Add MDI tabs to the Visual Basic code editor
  • Use an enhanced Project Explorer with code expansion down to programming structures
  • Transformed code editor with code flow branch lines and closing statement details
  • Use a Code Analyzer and a Designer Analyzer to pinpoint and fix a wide range of code and UI problems
  • Standards enforcing tools, code documenting and sharing tools and many more!

VS10x Extensions

Some specialty extensions for Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010 extracted from the CodeSMART 10 toolset. At this very moment, separate setup kits are available for VS10x CodeMAP, VS10x Comments Extender and VS10x Editor View Enhancer (more coming soon).

Source+ for VB6

The true VB6 components reusability tool - reuse code and designers, complete with dependencies, user notes, attachments, designer preview, advanced sharing etc. Comes with a high-quality pre-built comprehensive code library of more than 28,000 lines of code, all with documentation and samples.