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Source+ is the perfect tool for Visual Basic components management and reuse. It offers you the ability to store, organize and retrieve your code components (classes, modules) and visual components (forms, controls, user documents etc.) in and from a multi-database storage system. Using it you will discover that components reuse can work like a charm!

Add a built-in library of 90 read-to-use components totalizing more than 28,000 lines of Visual Basic code and you will discover how easy your life can become... And all these at an exceptional price!
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Source+ represents the key to real Visual Basic 6 code reusability

  • Perfect integration with your Visual Basic 6 and VBA IDEs. Source+ Integration with VB6
  • The Store to Source+ wizard can export complete project groups, projects or only explicit components to the Source+ database.
    Store to Source+
  • The Get from Source+ wizard makes it easy to add code components to your projects.
    Get from Source+
  • You can reuse components from one project to another, or make them available to other users that share with you a Source+ database.

The built-in Source+ Library provides ready-to-use code components

Source+ Explorer
  • The Source+ Library offers you a valuable collection of ready-to-use code components consisting of 90 classes and totalizing over 28,000 lines of code, covering a wide range of programming issues.
  • All classes come with complete source code and a comprehensive documentation.
  • In addition, each class comes with a complete example, containing all the source code you need in order to find out how to use it easy and fast.

Organize reusable code easier than ever with the Source+ Explorer

  • Import complete projects and entire project groups in one step into a Source+ code database.
  • Export code components (code and designer, if applicable) to a disk location (by using the Source+ add-in) or to a Visual Basic or Office project.
  • Easily print stored code components (code, examples, user notes etc).
  • Preview a components' designer part (i.e. the visual part of a form, user control, user document etc.).
  • Source+ automatically detects, stores and retrieves forms/controls with all the private user controls they depend upon.
  • Examine the data and code organization in hierarchical or flat view.
  • Re-organize your code with Windows Explorer-like full drag-and-drop support.
  • Share code by using shared Source+ databases.
  • Perform code searches with intelligent matches highlight.
  • Add rich text notes to any component, folder or database.
  • Add binary attachments. From now on you can store (for example) compiled samples to any code component, the web links related to it, etc.
  • Manual and automatic code databases maintenance operations (compact, emergency repair, backup etc).
  • Import your CodeSMART Code Database as a Source+ code database.
  • The built-in Source+ Library can be easily updated by using Update Package Files. These files are regularly (monthly) released by AxTools and contain new code components (code and documentation).