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What's new in Fix Pack 5
May 09, 2014

  1. Using variable names identical to type names or multiple variables being declared on a single line lead to inexact Find References results. Fixed.
  2. An error was sometimes reported when refreshing a member. Fixed.
  3. In rare circumstances, the MDI tabs feature was causing a trully odd VB Collection-related compilation error. Fixed.
  4. Installing on post-Vista systems sometimes resulted in a failure to register the add-in with Visual Basic. Fixed.
  5. The Enhanced Immediate Window result list 'Group By', 'Sort By' and 'Show Fields' dialogs were causing cascaded errors if the result list was originally empty.
  6. SmartComplete was inadvertently offering suggestions in comments, if these were starting with the Rem comment marker.

What's new in Fix Pack 4
January 22, 2014

  1. Fixed a crash that was occurring sometimes when End-of-line details were displayed only for statement blocks larger that a certain line count.
  2. Fixed "Error in loading DLL" that was reported when adding certain custom controls to a designer.
  3. The web update checker inaccurately detected a "new version" situation when the account VB6 was run on a non-administrative account (or without elevated credentials). Fixed.
  4. Fixed problems in toolbars which were caused by an older version of a custom toolbar control that was used by CodeSMART.
  5. Fixed a cryptic error that was reported after source code control check-out operations.

What's new in Fix Pack 3
December 10, 2013

  1. The "Extended Find" dialog height was incorrect on Windows Vista/7 and Windows XP systems while on single-line mode. Fixed.
  2. An error was reported at CodeSMART startup when checking the MSO.DLL version. Fixed.
  3. An 'Automation Error' happened sometimes when building the project/group. Fixed.
  4. Fixed some internal error handling idiosyncrasies
  5. Some icons were still low-color. Fixed
  6. The "About" pane in the CodeSMART Control Panel was incorrectly representing licensing state in some situations. Fixed.
  7. Added a simple web-update mechanism which will display a message when an update is available.

What's new in Fix Pack 2
October 29, 2013

  1. Sort Procedures was failing when encountering property procedures without a getter.
  2. The 'Register' button is not visible anymore on the 'About'/'License Details' pane if there is a full install.
  3. The "Office app is running" message box now has an explanatory notice on how to turn the check off.
  4. The Code Formatter did not insert blank lines after 'End Sub' / 'End Function' / 'End Property' statements even if configured to do so.
  5. An obscure "Method '~' of object '~' failed" error occurred on some systems when starting VB6 plus CodeSMART.
  6. An error was reported in certain conditions on SCC operations at project level.
  7. The Task List encountered problems on systems with certain time/date formats.

What's new in Fix Pack 1
September 23, 2013

  1. A glyph was drawn on some systems over public items' icon in the Project Explorer.
  2. A few users complained of slow editor updates, so a new setting was added in CVA "General" options: "aggressive refresh" (it controls how often the CVA gizmos are updated). Initially set to off, we recommend setting it to on if you have enough processing power (enough would mean here a physical machine with an average but modern CPU).
  3. If a node different than a component was double-clicked in the Project Explorer, the parent component node was not displayed in bold.
  4. Clear Immediate Window did not work in demo setup kits.
  5. If a copy of CodeSMART 2009 for VB6 evaluation previously expired on the machine, then CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 was already expired at install time.
  6. Links to registration were pointing to dead web pages.
  7. Settings from previous versions of CodeSMART were not carried over to the new version.
  8. The lyt layout files distributed by the setup kit were not up-to-date.

What's new in CodeSMART 2013 for VB6
September 16, 2013

Please find below a list with tools, improvements and features that are new in CodeSMART 2013 for VB6 (as related to CodeSMART 2009 for VB6).
  1. Hi-Color, modern icons in almost all subsystems.
  2. Visual refinements throughout the entire toolset.
  3. Hi-Color icons are injected by CodeSMART into the VB6 IDE built-in Object Browser and Intellisense subsystems.
  4. Code View Assistant branch lines are now colored, thus making multi-page branches more easily identifiable for example.
  5. Significant speed improvements for all bulk operations (i.e. insert/remove error handling code, line numbers, custom code, code formatter, sort procedures etc).
  6. Private components (only applies to relevant items, i.e. classes and user controls, and to project types that could actually export such items) are displayed with dimmed icons in the Project Explorer. This is supposed to replace the 'Bold public classes' option, albeit the old option is still there.
  7. Private code members are displayed with dimmed icons in the Project Explorer. This is supposed to replace the 'Bold public members' option, albeit the old option is still there.
  8. The currently selected component is displayed in bold in the Project Explorer. This works if the newer public components emphasizing method (i.e. private components de-emphasizing actually by using dimmed icons) is used only, that is if 'Bold public classes' is off.
  9. Windows 8 compatibility.
  10. Fixed extremely long delays at startup (i.e. if CodeSMART was set to load on startup) on systems where Microsoft Office 2010/2013 was installed, even if no Office app was running.
  11. In order to prevent startup delays altogether, CodeSMART now gives an explanatory notice if Microsoft Office 2010/2013 apps are running in the background (this check can be set to off in the CodeSMART Control Panel).
  12. Significantly reduced delays at startup when Microsoft Office 2010/2013 apps are running in background.
  13. When re-loading the addin (after unloading it in the same session), Code View Assistant features were not active on the currently active document.
  14. CsCmdLine was not working (the reg setting was for CS 2007, plus CreateProcessExA did not function on W7 and maybe Vista/8)
  15. CsCmdLine: Fixed an OpSwitch argument issue.
  16. If the task list admin password is the default one (which is the empty string) then no admin login prompt is displayed on regular operations. If you need security you will have to set a password first in the Control Panel (Task List / Password section).
  17. Spelling checker dictionary files do not require a separate download anymore.
  18. Better behavior on large fonts systems.
  19. Reviews result count is now displayed in the reviews combobox rather than in the Immediate window caption, thus having the entire project status visible when opening the combobox.
  20. A custom font size can be set for explorer toolwindows (Project Explorer, Designer Explorer etc) and Immediate window report lists (Find in Files, Find References, Code Analyzer etc).
  21. When editing, branch lines were deleted from the edited line. Also, branch lines were deleted from a line when a word on that line got selected.
  22. When switching to the Code Flow Explorer, if this one is empty and there is a valid selection (i.e. member in a code pane) then a parse is automatically invoked. Can be switched off in the Options dialog.
  23. When editing, branch lines were deleted from the edited line. Also, branch lines were deleted from a line when a word on that line got selected.
  24. The new position in Tab Order Designer is also marked by a red indicator line.
  25. Tab Order Designer now always pre-selects the control that is currently selected on the designer that is being invoked upon.
  26. The AutoText system now properly handles items starting with #. As a result, adding regions to code has is greatly simplified with the help of #reg and #ereg items (these will insert region start tag and region end tag respectively). Also, an AutoText item to help with bookmarks insertion was added (i.e. ‘bmk’).
  27. Added command for direct insertion of a comment header in the current member (Ctrl+') or component (Ctrl+Shift+'). Bulk operations are still available but only at menu level and with no keyboard shortcut.
  28. Ctrl+' was not trapped at all on some systems.
  29. When CSEHSkip was a member or component's modifier, the EH Inserter dialog did not initialize its "current scheme" and preview system correctly.
  30. All subsystems with code preview areas now use the same font as the code window; some will use a 1-point less font size if the editor font is too big.
  31. Setup program message boxes were not displayed on Windows 8.